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Testimonials from Scouts and Parents

(Collected on April 14, 2015 at 50th Anniversary Kick-Off)

Responses to the question:  In one or two sentences, please describe what being part of Troop 848 means to you and/or how your involvement with the Troop has impacted your life.


  • Troop 848 has raised me to be the young man I am and for that I am grateful.
  • I have got to do a lot of fun things like rafting and rock climbing.
  • Troop 848 for me was a learning experience.   Learned a lot of valuable skills that I will sue for the rest of my life.  I made great friends that I will have for life.
  • It has impacted my life by making me become a better leader.
  • It means that I have a leg up over the guy next to me, and I know cool things he doesn’t, and if I’m an Eagle I get bragging rights.
  • To accomplish a goal.
  • Being a scout has affected my life by teaching me useful skills and how to be more responsible.
  • Scouts has impacted my life because it gives me a guideline to life.  Troop 848 is very fun and I really enjoy it.
  • Troop 848 means having fun and following the rules.  It means hanging with your friends.
  • It means that I am part of one of the best troops in the country.
  • Boy Scouts has impacted my life from helping me make more friends and learning things I would have probably never learned if I didn’t join.
  • When I joined, I joined with my friends.  Since then, I’ve made many more.  And, I loved most of the campouts I’ve been on because of it.
  • I just think it’s a good experience for the future.
  • We have a big family and it taught me about responsibility.
  • I learned to be able to know how to do several knots.
  • Learning the Scout Law has impacted my life.
  • Being  a part of Troop 848 has impacted my life by providing an environment where I can make friends and become a better boy scout.
  • It means I have a leg up.
  • Being part of 848 has impacted my life because it is something that I know will always be fun.
  • Brotherly love.
  • The Troop has shown me that I have a family outside my real one.  I have also made several friends.
  • Troop 848 has been a special place to me.  It is something that I hold dear and it was a great experience.
  • Troop 848 means family, and family means no one gets left behind.
  • It has taught me to be a better leader.
  • Troop 848 has taught me how to handle life.
  • Troop 848 has benefited me in more ways than you could ever imagine.  Whether it was the meetings leading or just hanging out, we always made the best of it.
  • Being part of Troop 848 has meant a great deal to me.  I have grown in my leadership skills significantly because of this troop.
  • It teaches how to overcome problems and interact with other people.
  • Being in the troop means a lot to me and I have learned many leadership skills and ways to deal with problems in the real world.
  • It has given me qualities I don’t normally see in other kids my age or even adults. Character.


  • Being part of Troop 848 has helped me relive my childhood.  It also gives me a chance to make a difference in teaching our young leaders of tomorrow in how to be great leaders.
  • Lots of fun, lots of friends, positive influence on kids and developing leadership kids.
  • Fellowship, opportunity and close to nature.
  • Being involved with the troop really taught me leadership skills and well-rounded me into a good person.
  • Over the past few years I’ve watched a lot of the scouts grow from middle school kids into confident young men.
  • I’m filled with pride being a parent of an Eagle and Life Scouts because of the excellent leadership from the adults and scouts.  This troop is full of great hard working people and they will be friends for life.
  • Good times gabbing with the adults and scouts and siblings. (One can’t play poker and drink whiskey every night of the week J)
  • I enjoy watching the boys grown and mature during their time with the troop.
  • Troop 848 has been a great experience and character builder for my son.  I appreciate the flexibility and year round activities so he can fit what he can do into his schedule.
  • Being part of Troop 848 means service and friendship.  There are many families that provide time and talent to this troop.
  • Troop 848 has provided my son with unique life experiences, leadership and skills development, and friendships.  The merit badge process, especially the Eagle badges, has taught him so many critical skills that will serve him well for the rest of his life.  And, the time and talents of the adult volunteers are awesome and helps make our troop extraordinary.