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Rank Advancement

The advancement progression in Boy Scouts follows a logical sequence from the lowest rank, the Scout, to the highest Rank the Eagle. During this progression, Scouts are expected, and will fulfill, more demanding requirements as they mature and grow older. In this way, the boys grow with the program and build confidence and competence. When a boy is ready for advancement to a new rank, they need to have completed all the requirements for the rank and participate in a boy initiated Scoutmaster's Conference. This can be held with any available ASM or Scoutmaster. Boys should be courteous and contact a Scoutmaster before a meeting to arrange a Scoutmaster conference.

Board of Review Sign Up Links:

Tenderfoot Rank Board of Review

Second Class Rank Board of Review

1st Class Rank Board of Review

Star Rank Board of Review 

Life Rank Board of Review


Scouts Working on Star, Life, and Eagle

Leadership Records:

1) Print out the appropriate tab for your leadership position from the link HERE,

2) Fill it out every month, and

3) Have the appropriate Staff or adult leader initial each item when complete.


Life to Eagle Information:

Click HERE to download a PowerPoint presentation that covers the Life to Eagle process.


Eagle Project Approval Process:

In an effort to streamline the process and make it easier on everyone, there is a form that now resides on the Sam Houston Area Council's Web Page and is to be used when a scout needs to get their project approved at the San Jacinto District level.  This form can be found at  This request for approval of an Eagle Scout project (to be used by the Scout) should be completed AFTER Troop Leadership and the Project Benefactor have approved the project in writing.  The scout will be contacted by the District Advancement Representative. 


Adult Leader Contact List

Link to the list of current adult leaders and their contact information


Merit Badge Information

Click here to learn about merit badges.

The most current list of Merit Badges and their Counselors is available here.

The contact information for these counselors is available here.


The BSA national site does a great job of maintaining a listing of all the current Merit Badge requirements along with helpful worksheets and details.  They can be found here.


Click the links below for the merit badge records from previous summer camps and winter camps.

Summer Camp Merit Badge Records:

Summer Camp 2012 Hale (A-I)

Summer Camp 2012 Hale (J-Z)

Summer Camp 2013 Woodruff (A-H)

Summer Camp 2013 Woodruff (I-Z)

Summer Camp 2014 BTSR

Summer Camp 2015 Buck Toms

Summer Camp 2016 Alexander

Summer Camp 2017 Woodruff

Summer Camp 2018 Rainey Mountain


Winter Camp Merit Badge Records:

Winter Camp 2011

Winter Camp 2012

Winter Camp 2013

Winter Camp 2014

Winter Camp 2015

Winter Camp 2016

Winter Camp 2017